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micro jet

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    Repurposed Habu 180 S Electronics

    I recently got the new UMX Habu 180 S with S.A.F.E. It was a little beyond my flying skills, and I crashed it so much that hot glue repairs made it heavy and less enjoyable to fly. Since a replacement airframe is upwards of $100, I thought, "can I make an airframe out of DTFB?" So I tried! My...
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    FT Racer and the Grayson Hobby Parkjets

    Hi Guys Basil from Grayson Hobby here. We have a lot of customers who come and show off their Flite Test plans in person and via email. The FT Racer looks like it would a perfect match for one of our "park jet" motors, either the small, but powerful MicoJet V3, the popular SuperSonic...