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micro jet

  1. micro_builder

    20mm brushless EDF jet

    Hey folks, Started this project quite a while ago, finally got around to finishing up, now just waiting for some nice calm air. 15" wingspan, all balsa, two 1.5 gram linear servos, banggood RX, 20mm brushless EDF courtesy of Nitrocharged, Sunrise ESC. Will run 2s first just to make sure she...
  2. micro_builder

    20mm EDF micro jet

    Hey folks, started this project about 8 months ago, and have been crashing it ever since, and only just now got something that resembles a flight...however short it was. This bird just didnt want to be in the air. The EDF has a 20mm impeller and an 0603 brushless motor, 12000kv I think...
  3. E

    Repurposed Habu 180 S Electronics

    I recently got the new UMX Habu 180 S with S.A.F.E. It was a little beyond my flying skills, and I crashed it so much that hot glue repairs made it heavy and less enjoyable to fly. Since a replacement airframe is upwards of $100, I thought, "can I make an airframe out of DTFB?" So I tried! My...
  4. G

    FT Racer and the Grayson Hobby Parkjets

    Hi Guys Basil from Grayson Hobby here. We have a lot of customers who come and show off their Flite Test plans in person and via email. The FT Racer looks like it would a perfect match for one of our "park jet" motors, either the small, but powerful MicoJet V3, the popular SuperSonic...