mini mustang

  1. Diggington

    Mini Mustang build fun!

    Maiden flight Tomorrow, put a FT 2212 radial though. All I had! With an 8x6 prop. Put magnets to hold the the hatch and no rudder! Cheap stickers and pinstripes bother markers and construction paper with tape. 3s 1300 right over the wing! cape cod Massachusetts.
  2. James Keys

    Mighty Mini’s

    I think it would be great if Flitetest can help develop some free plans to also use balsa wood for there mini builds. Please see my attempt using FT Mini Mustang free plans.
  3. FT Mini Mustang

    FT Mini Mustang

    Another plane built as part of a group build. It didn't fly much more than a minute because I kept insisting to push inverted flight even though the plane was losing altitude fast because of little down elevator authority. I kept pushing until i hit the ground instead of rolling out of it. The...
  4. Grifflyer

    Plane Mighty Mini P-51B Mustang 1.0

    If you're anything like me then you'll like the looks of planes better when they have a razorback. While I like the look of the bubble canopy on the P-51, I prefer the looks of the P-51B which has a razorback style canopy. I reconstructed the fuselage of the FT Mini Mustang so that it looks...
  5. S

    Noob pilot/builder builds and flight

    Hello there, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite Flite Test planes that I have built and really enjoy flying (Goblin and Mini Mustang). I started with this hobby at the beginning of September and it's been an awesome but also extremely frustrating experience. Just a tip for us new...
  6. dehager

    Maiden Flight - FT Mini Mustang

    Hello Flite Test family... This is my first post on the FT Forums. Here is the maiden flight for my FT Mini Mustang built using a speed build kit. I have tried to keep the video post to one minute to avoid overall boredom. The airplane flies great and I couldn't be more pleased!!! Initial...
  7. dryhiker

    Alternate Material Experiment

    I fly where there is a lot of dew, and I fly first thing in the morning. My brown Tiny Trainer was warping because there is a limit to the waterproofness of untreated brown foamboard. I built a new Tiny Trainer fuselage and a whole Mini Mustang out of 5mm styrene foam with no paper on it. It...
  8. DSCN5891.jpg


  9. Flyer4god

    Modified Mini Mustang for scale looks

    I really really like Mini Mustang and it was really really bothering me it didn't really really look like a Mustang. So, here are some mods I tried to get it closer to "really really" :) Scale leading edge with elevated firewall for scale spinner position: B trim (I really really like B)...
  10. R

    Help with Mighty Mini Mustang!

    Hello, I was just starting this awesome hobby. I have built the mighty mini trainer and mighty mini speedster and flown them. However I want to build a better looking airplane that still flies on 3 channels. I was wondering if the Mighty mini Mustang is able to fly without the ailerons, so I...