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mini mustang

  1. S

    Noob pilot/builder builds and flight

    Hello there, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite Flite Test planes that I have built and really enjoy flying (Goblin and Mini Mustang). I started with this hobby at the beginning of September and it's been an awesome but also extremely frustrating experience. Just a tip for us new...
  2. D

    Maiden Flight - FT Mini Mustang

    Hello Flite Test family... This is my first post on the FT Forums. Here is the maiden flight for my FT Mini Mustang built using a speed build kit. I have tried to keep the video post to one minute to avoid overall boredom. The airplane flies great and I couldn't be more pleased!!! Initial...
  3. dryhiker

    Alternate Material Experiment

    I fly where there is a lot of dew, and I fly first thing in the morning. My brown Tiny Trainer was warping because there is a limit to the waterproofness of untreated brown foamboard. I built a new Tiny Trainer fuselage and a whole Mini Mustang out of 5mm styrene foam with no paper on it. It...
  4. DSCN5891.jpg


  5. Flyer4god

    Modified Mini Mustang for scale looks

    I really really like Mini Mustang and it was really really bothering me it didn't really really look like a Mustang. So, here are some mods I tried to get it closer to "really really" :) Scale leading edge with elevated firewall for scale spinner position: B trim (I really really like B)...
  6. R

    Help with Mighty Mini Mustang!

    Hello, I was just starting this awesome hobby. I have built the mighty mini trainer and mighty mini speedster and flown them. However I want to build a better looking airplane that still flies on 3 channels. I was wondering if the Mighty mini Mustang is able to fly without the ailerons, so I...