motor selection

  1. floatyflyer

    Motor Comparison

    Hi All, I have a question about trying to "compare" electric motors. I'm looking at buying a Balsa Cub Kit (Link) from Sig/Alien Aircraft. The recommended motor is a Himax HC-2808-1160 (Link). If I want to fit a different motor, what are the important numbers to compare (besides dimensions)...
  2. cloudseeder

    Help! Too heavy. What are my options?

    Too heavy. What are my options? I’ve been using the UMX Ultrix as an fpv platform for proximity flying (racing around obstacles etc.). stock version flying weight is about 65 grams. Ultrix can fly decently with 5 grams extra weight. But with the 10 grams I now need, it’s not something worth...
  3. O

    Tricopter motors

    I am building a tricopter as per Davids Version 3. My last multi was a 250 class quad, which flew exceptionally well, but was not really the direction I wanted to go. Both David and Josh seem to favor tricopters for photography, so that is where I am going. However, money, as always, is an...