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    Flite Test Electrohub build problem - please help!

    Hi, I am very new to R/C plane/multi-rotors. I am building my first quad with the Electrohub kit from the Flitetest store. I also got the electronic package from ReadyToFlyQuad.com as recommended in the build video from Josh and Alex. Here is the link to the eletrohub kit and here is the link to...
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    Question about Tx to Electrohub Quad - New to quad - please help!

    Hi, I am very new to R/C plane/multi-rotors. However, I am very interested in the hobby. After watching many build and demo videos of the Electrohub quadcopter on Flitetest by Josh, I really like the design and decided to buy one (with the camera mount too) - here is the link. I also got the...
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    Need help finding build plans and electronics for Knuckle H-Quad 370

    Hello everyone, First off, I am new the R/C flying world. I have always been an enthusiast of planes in general, just now got a chance to start. I have watched many videos on this site - FliteTest - by the way, it is awesome, kudos to both Josh'es, you guys are the reason more and more people...
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    Summer from the Sky | 2014

    Here is our video for the beginning of Summer. We are flying a Quadcopter with parts from FliteTest's H-Quad Build and the Tricopter is designed by the gorgeous David Windestäl. We hope this gets you in the Summer Mood!! Thanks for watching and Subscribe for more Aerial Videography. Both...