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  1. Andre

    MultiRC SHENANIGANS 150MM Quad - Review

    MultiRC sent me a 150mm Shenanigans quad frame to review. (Rest of the kit I purchased) This is a new direction for me. Tiny and I have to say I do like the use of the TPU. Flexible 3D printed parts are very neat. Not only do they absorb vibrations on the arms but they also help with impact...
  2. Andre

    084 MultiRC's Mark Lehman and the HMB 235

    Join the Aftershours crew for this this exciting interview with Mark Lehman from MultiRC and his quest to build the ultimate almost indestructible quadcopter. - See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/084-multirc-s-mark-lehman-and-the-hmb-235 Audio Link HMB 235 in action HMB 235 crash...