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    Ft explorer battery size

    I recently got an ft explorer, and have been prepping it for some medium-range fpv. I am using the c-pack motor with a plush tenergy 60 amp esc. I was wondering if it would be able to fly with a multistar 4s 10,000mah battery(800 grams). I have increased the wing-span to 6 feet and have...
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    Combining Multistar v1 and v2 ESC's

    I'm looking for some guidance as I start to build a new quad. I have three 15 amp version 1 MultiStar ESC's from an older Tri-copter and purchased a version 2 15 amp MultiStar ESC that is loaded with BLHeli. Will I be able to use the three older and one newer together? If not, what if I...
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    KK2 ESC Confusion.

    Hey guys, so I've asked around and got a few different answers, but can you plug four 15 amp multistar ESC's (switching BEC's) straight into the KK2.1.5 (HC)? Or do you need some 'remove red wire' disabling shenanigans? Cheers.
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    motor selection

    Hello, I am tired of my dt750's and I want to upgrade but I can't decide between the sunnysky v2216 8 or 900kv and the Turnigy multistar 2216 800kv. What motor should I chose?
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    Multistar ESCs and Multiwii Pro 2 problems

    Hi everyone, I have 4 Multistar 45amp ESCs. I upgraded from a HK 2 board to a Ready to Fly Quads Multiwii Pro 2 board. I have one SBEC ESC and 3 OPTO ESCs. Only the SBEC will initialize and work on the Multiwii board. They all work fine on the HK board. Doing research, it seems that the ESCs...