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Combining Multistar v1 and v2 ESC's


Junior Member
I'm looking for some guidance as I start to build a new quad. I have three 15 amp version 1 MultiStar ESC's from an older Tri-copter and purchased a version 2 15 amp MultiStar ESC that is loaded with BLHeli. Will I be able to use the three older and one newer together? If not, what if I re-flashed the older one's with BLHeli?



Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Use? That fits under the "It's a free country" category.

Work well? If you can afford to re-flash, do so, but expect to have to flash it the hard way.

Also the V1's worked up an abysmal reputation. A good portion of that was in the ROM, but how much changed in the hardware? A flash will fix the former, but won't touch the latter. Proceed with caution.


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Thanks Dan

Dan, thanks for the reply. I opted to scratch my original idea and bought new 12 amp ESC's from rotorgeeks pre-loaded with BLHeli. They are lighter and from what I can tell have a better reputation than the Multistars. Hopefully I wont be disappointed.