nano qx

  1. D

    Newbie looking for advice on first multirotor

    I hope that I'm posting this in the right place. Please let me know and move the thread if it isn't where it belongs. I'm looking at a micro quad to learn to fly with, and am wondering what would be the best model to go with. I see lots of folks started with the Blade Nano QX, but I see that...
  2. A

    Issue with binding my Nano QX to the OrangeRX module in my Turnigy 9XR Pro

    I've recently receive my new radio and transmitter module to use with my Nano QX. I have the OrangeRX DSMX/DSM2/Devo 2.4GHz Selectable Transmitter Module (JR/Turnigy Compatible) installed in the Turnigy 9XR Pro and I'm having issues. The problem isn't in the binding as the light on the QX goes...
  3. J

    nano qx fpv ( unopened) $100

    pm me if interested ( no googles) using 5.8ghz
  4. M

    Nano QX FPV footage

    Hello! Some footage from my Nano QX recorded on my dominator HDs. Really enjoying this little quad, much better than I thought it would be! Fast, stable, agile, and really robust, it can take some punishment.
  5. J

    KK board vs Nano QX self level

    Hi all. I've started getting into multirotors on a recommendation from the videos. I bought a Nano QX and have been loving it. I'm starting to toy with the idea of building my first tri or quad in the next few months. I've become pretty decent at stability mode (self level) on the nano...
  6. nickleyw

    Learning to fly: Nano QX and DX8

    Backstory Like many people I know, my first taste of the flying r/c world was a few years back when everyone and their brother was buying mini helicopters to fly around the office during lunch breaks and Friday afternoons. My first was a Syma S107, and it was a blast. A few friends and I took...
  7. E

    Turnigy 9x/OrangeRx DSMX/DSM2 module with Nano QX

    Hi guyz, I am a beginner at RC. Ive got myself a Turnigy 9x mode 2 v2 with stock firmware. I want to know if there is a way to customize controls to fly a Nano QX. I have the OrangeRX DSM2 module and i can bind with the Nano QX just fine. But i am not able to figure out how to set up the...