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Turnigy 9x/OrangeRx DSMX/DSM2 module with Nano QX


Junior Member
Hi guyz,

I am a beginner at RC. Ive got myself a Turnigy 9x mode 2 v2 with stock firmware. I want to know if there is a way to customize controls to fly a Nano QX. I have the OrangeRX DSM2 module and i can bind with the Nano QX just fine. But i am not able to figure out how to set up the controls. Ive looked all over the internet but the only solution i found was flashing with er9x firmware. Is there a way to fly the Nano QX with the stock firmware? I would really appreciate the help. :)
I tried the same thing. The problem is the channel order. Bind n flys are TAER and the stock 9x is ATRE or ATER (sorry memory is gone)
I thought I could use mixes to get around it but failed. Maybe there is someone who knows the stock firmware better that might have a mix that will work for you.
I ended up flashing my 9X with er9X, it lets you assign channels however you like and is working fine.