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naza m v2

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    DJI NAZA V2 problems

    hello all, I am building a new quadcopter with the naza v2 system, dji 920kv motors, simonk 30a esc's, a standart pdb and a 3s lipo, my transmitter is a flysky fs-i6. I have built multiple drones in the past 4 with miniquad parts and one big hexacopter with a naza m lite.(so i can say im a bit...
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    Naza M V2's compatibility with the Electrohub Quacopter kit?

    I am intending to purchase the Naza M V2 kit. I have the Electrohub Quadcopter kit being shipped as I write this. I want to know if this Naza MV 2 kit is compatible with the Electrohub Quadcopter kit. If so, why is it compatible with it. If not, explain and could you recommend kits similar to...