new at fpv

  1. Downdy

    Glad to be a member of this fourm

    Glad to be a member of this fourm, the first post to tell everyone that I am here now.
  2. E

    Tinyhawk II Freestyle im looking for batteries

    hello, I need help with my quad I would like to know if these batteries would work for the tinyhawk 2 and also if they would perform better. If these don't work can someone suggest me other batteries that would have a long flight time? here are specs and the link for the ones I found 650 mAh 1S...
  3. kimballgoss

    Selling - READY MADE RC FPV STARTER KIT - almost new

    Ready made RC FPV kit- Lightly used- bought around 2014-. Condition is Used. I bought it about 5 years ago when I was just getting into fpv, I've since grown out of it and thought I might be useful to someone else getting into fpv. It's lightly used, it's only been setup maybe 15 times, all...
  4. zippity_doogah

    Great shot of me being shot down

    Doing some aerial videography of an event for my company during an Archery Tag game... It didn't end well...
  5. zippity_doogah

    New to the thread: Check out this footage!

    So I work for an amazing company and get to do some aerial videography for them as the new marketing manager. The last time I shot some cool footage, I actually got SHOT out of the air (with a bow and arrow)... I am super interested in the prospect of starting to build my own FPV to try and...
  6. A

    Help needed for understanding fpv

    I am a new pilot who plans on getting into FPV in the near future. Now I've done research and understand somewhat how fpv works. The part I could never wrap my head around is what is compatible with what. I understand there are different bands and stuff but I'm not sure how to tell what works...