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New to the thread: Check out this footage!

So I work for an amazing company and get to do some aerial videography for them as the new marketing manager.
The last time I shot some cool footage, I actually got SHOT out of the air (with a bow and arrow)...

I am super interested in the prospect of starting to build my own FPV to try and race around through our 38,000 sqft warehouse (with an indoor ropes course and stuff) and actually get some footage in the future of large events. I have a pretty good handle flying, basically a minimal budget, and no clue which kits or what direction to go in for a build...
Thoughts, input, and mentorship would be appreciated!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Welcome to the FT forums!

Just a "Heads Up", it is considered as being bad form to post the same topic across the various subjects or multi-post the same subject!
Most people will browse the forum across multiple headings and so a number of similar or identical posts is a little irritating to many.

As for thoughts, help and Mentorship I am sure that there will be many interested in providing what you seek.

Have fun!