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new design

  1. CatholicFlyer

    A Bi-Wing B-1B It's Huge!

    Well, I have created a new bi-wing airplane, it's not the usual style of bi-wing which goes over the plane, but each wing has a wing on top of each other, it is a tad heavy. the body is two sheets of card stock paper glued then taped, the tail are two edges of disposable cereal bowls glued...
  2. M

    New Tricopter/Y6 design

    Hello all I thought I would throw in my hand at designing a folding hexacopter. I haven't created the motor mounts yet, but this is a pretty rough draft. Top plate includes 45mm FC mount, standoff mounts, wire management and vent hole. Bottom plate has battery strap mounts, and will have a...
  3. M


    STEM students in the upper elementary and middle school grades are in need of a trainer which can handle a high-wind environment. This plane/design, if developed, will become a stable of a STEM initiative beginning on Oahu which will teach science, tech, engineering, and math through aviation...