new to fpv

  1. johnreto

    new to FPV

    hey guys, i've been flying rc planes for quite a while now, finaly ordered my first fpv set-up, hope it all works out as i imagine this is the setup i'm getting: Fatshark dominator v3 Goggle ImmersionRC SpiroNET V2 5.8GHz RHCP Diversity antennaes ImmersionRC Tramp HV 6-18V 5.8GHz 1mW...
  2. A

    Brand New To FPV

    Hi, My name is Auzy I live in Los Angeles and about 3 months ago I decided I was going to get in to FPV I have been following the hobby for a while but never could afford it. So I started mowing people’s grass in my neighborhood to raise money to build a decent quad that was durable for...