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newbie needs training

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    Help! Need help to understand scale bar in plane plan

    Hey ! I'm new in this hobby and just downloaded some planes plan in pdf but can't understand how to measure the length of parts . Can anyone help me with this
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    Help! How to measure length in plan?

    Hey! I'm new in this hobby and just downloaded some flight plans but can't understand the scale bar .can any one help me to measure the length. Thanks
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    Help! I am making a flying wing design thrust ratio?

    Help! I bought the parts of my first plane off banggood (I wanted to do it myself and design it im sorry but it is carbon fibre ) and my plane weighs 403 grams and has a thrust of 285 grams, will it fly? I realise i was stupid not checking for weight... It is a flying wing design with a wing...
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    Beginner series for MultiRotor , like the one done for fixed wing ?

    I need help with the electronics.... I am not sure what is needed as far as electronics go. It would be helpful to have a list of what is needed (and what would be nice to have). I want to build my own but not sure what to invest in.