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    Help! How much thrust on my flying wing airplane?

    I bought supplies for my first plane, which is the flying wing design! It is carbon fibre and will weigh 403 grams. The tricky part is the motor i bought supplies only 285 grams of thrust. My aircraft will have just over 400mm squared of wing space not including aerons. Will it fly?
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    Help! I am making a flying wing design thrust ratio?

    Help! I bought the parts of my first plane off banggood (I wanted to do it myself and design it im sorry but it is carbon fibre ) and my plane weighs 403 grams and has a thrust of 285 grams, will it fly? I realise i was stupid not checking for weight... It is a flying wing design with a wing...
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    Duet or the Champ RTF for first plane?

    Hey I am new to the forums and am really wanting to get into RC planes. I am trying to get a decent priced starter plane. I am looking at getting either the Champ or the Duet RTF for my first plane. I noticed that Horizon Hobby carries both planes for under $100. I was wondering which plane you...