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  1. Bob A

    Nimh battery

    Why can't I use nimh batteries? I know they weigh more than lipo's but that's what I have (lots of) and although I've read the messages about lipo batteries, I'm still pretty much confused about them and the thought of investing MORE MONEY in MORE batteries is downright depressing. Bob
  2. J

    How fast can I charge these batteries? (NIMH)

    I have 2 NIMH batteries, a 2000Mah and a 3800Mah, and I've been charging them at 2 amps because I wasn't sure how to charge them. They are redcat racing brand and do not have a 'c' rating for charging, only that they're 7.2V and the capacity. I am using a radient primal as a charger with...
  3. N

    Replacing Old Lead-Acid/Pb Battery

    Hi all, I would first like to say that I understand that this question may be a bit off topic for a forum mainly based on fixed-wing and multirotor RC vehicles, but I thought that some of you veteran RC'ers out there might know what I can do. I found an old, most likely 1/16th scale RC car...