1. S

    DJI Naza V2 Issues with 1200mm Octo.

    hey folks, i have a 1200mm custom Octo build that i have flown many times before, just recently switched the FC to a DJI Naza V2 from a KK2.1.5 and previously an APM2.8. The DJI, after an hour of checking setup settings and calibrating everything and double checking that everything wrote...
  2. VolksRocket

    My Octocopter Project!

    Hi, This thread will be for my latest OctoCopter Project! I think you will find it very interesting! The first discussion point is to determine if I want to build a Octo + or Octo x configuration? Let me have your thoughts!
  3. N

    Octocopter = hoverboard

    Hey everyone. Have you seen this? http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/technology/hoverboard-duru-1.3270569 It's a canadian guy who gets himself in the air with an octocopter! Awesome.
  4. J

    ElectroHub Octocopter advise...

    Hi guys... So I want to build an octocopter based off of the electrohub system, but I just have no clue what batteries, motors, or how to distribute the power. I'd like this heli to be on the small side, maybe 6 or 7 inch props, but I'm not one to scavenge the internet looking for each...
  5. Captain

    ElectroHub Octo-copter Power Distribution

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and need a we bit of advice. I'm in process of building an Octo-copter with the Electrohub booms and plates, though I have no idea on how I'm going to go about soldering/connecting all the components together and what battery(s) I'm going to require. Run down...
  6. W

    Need to Generate 40+ Pounds for a Multicopter

    Hi guys, i need to generate 40+ pounds of thrust (although preferably more) for a multi-copter I want to keep it under 6s because that way I can save a lot of money in ESC's and battery's. But before I go out there and spend my hard earned money on some crazy project I want to double check my...
  7. sirtoby666

    A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch..

    A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch.. now with drawings I always had problems with the transportation of my quadcopter and this is how i soled it. This is my build step by step... I had som plans for a foldable quadcopter based of David Vindestål tricopter and this was the outcome...