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Need to Generate 40+ Pounds for a Multicopter

Hi guys, i need to generate 40+ pounds of thrust (although preferably more) for a multi-copter I want to keep it under 6s because that way I can save a lot of money in ESC's and battery's. But before I go out there and spend my hard earned money on some crazy project I want to double check my numbers and get others opinions. What I am building is (hopefully) a large octocopter that can lift a human sized payload. but before I bore you with the details let me just give you the basics I need at least 40 LBS per engine to total 320 pounds of static lift the entire pay load should hopefully be under 200 LBS although not preferable in terms of maneuverability and speed still a pretty good ratio. For now all I have completely finalized (hopefully unless there is a better, cheaper, and safer combination out there) is the motor, ESC, and prop below. Hope that you dont think I'm crazy ;)
Prop= http://www.aircraftinternational.co...RtnTab/223/PageIndex/1/CatID/123/Default.aspx

PS. I am going to have to gear down the motor to 3750 at full speed to accommodate the 32X6


Senior Member
Thanks for posting Cyberdactyl,
That is a big mean machine! on the maiden video, (around 2:30) It is kicking around quite some dust :)
And quite noisy to, with those large props. Great to see a quad developed for practical use in the field.