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  1. elbro_dark

    Omnibus F4 Pro broken usb port fix with FTDI-Adapter.

    Hi, I broke my USB port on my Omnibus F4 Pro, and i dont know how i can connect the FTDI-Adapter to the board. If i google a How-To i can only find some "normal" F4 boards.:( Here is a Sketch of my board: and here is my Adapter: i hope someone can help me.
  2. kpixels

    Photo of F4 and F3 Flight Controllers

    Top left - Wolfwhoop Omnibus F4 tower bottom left - RipaFire Omnibus F4 Pro top right - AfroFlight Naze32 Full (F3 Rev6) bottom right - AfroFlight 10DOF Naze32 Acro (F3 Rev6)