Adding servo to omnibus nano v6 flight controller


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Hello and thanks for looking into my problem!

I have a quad all set up on my f4 flight controller with betaflight. However I would like to add two servos to controll the fpv camera.

The flight controller has 3 spare uarts and I figured I could use one of these for pwm controll to the servo.
However, a whole day into the project, I am now seeking som help.

I have tried channel_forwarding // servo_tilt and sourced the uarts to servos in cli + mapped the servos to the correct aux channel from my radio - but no luck......? No moving servos :(

config.png ports.png receiver.png resource.png servo tab.png


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Bardwell released this video recently, though I think they only had 1 servo. The process should be similar to get another running though, assuming you have enough outputs.