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  1. ericf

    9xr transmitter and orange open lrs for fpv

    Hey everyone, I am doing some research on fpv and I have a question. Is anyone using the turnigy 9xr and orange open lrs module for fpv? Just wondering how reliable everyone thinks it is. I hate to "go cheap" on my radio link, but the price sure is enticing and the 9xr seems favorable. My...
  2. D

    OrangeRX openlrs assistance needed

    I have been trying and trying to succeed with the openlrs for months now, and have random on and off successes and failures. I have bought 2 modules and 2 receivers, and at the moment I cannot get any combo to work, and I have run out of ideas or resources to move on. I get about as much range...
  3. D

    UHF in Urban Environments

    So I got the Orangerx openlrs 100mw rx and module a few weeks back. I uploaded the openlrsng firmware sucessfully. They worked perfectly for about 10 flights, until randomly they just stopped communicating. I had no servo control and every time I would plug the battery in the servos would start...