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    opto esc and FC power source, grounding

    Hi All I have Flip32+ FC (flight controller) connected to 4 OPTO ESC (DYS SN20A). I have one "3A UBEC Module Low Ripple Bluesky". Powering the FC was an easy task, I have just plugged the "UBEC 5v out" to one of the free motor pins. Now I need to connect 2 more elements: 1.12 WS2182b LEDS (12...
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    Multistar ESCs and Multiwii Pro 2 problems

    Hi everyone, I have 4 Multistar 45amp ESCs. I upgraded from a HK 2 board to a Ready to Fly Quads Multiwii Pro 2 board. I have one SBEC ESC and 3 OPTO ESCs. Only the SBEC will initialize and work on the Multiwii board. They all work fine on the HK board. Doing research, it seems that the ESCs...