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  1. bracesport

    thread links - bracesport

    projects Flight Log - my flying log NEW - Simple Soarer - getting back into foamboard Foam Pitcheron - a 1.0m EPP foam Pitcheron for light winds (and teaching my son to fly) Vista v2 (pitcheron) - something slippery Fusion Restoration - an indestructible learners glider Pylon Racer - converting...
  2. bracesport

    FS-i6s and Jumper T16

    Here we go then! Let's be sure we are all talking about this little guy - the FSi6s? For those who are having issues with Rx's is there any reason you are not using the Rx that comes with it? You need AFHDS 2A spec'd Rx's for use with the i6s. There are no preset setups so to run ailerons you...