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Flight Log - my flying log
NEW - Simple Soarer - getting back into foamboard
Foam Pitcheron - a 1.0m EPP foam Pitcheron for light winds (and teaching my son to fly)
Vista v2 (pitcheron) - something slippery
Fusion Restoration - an indestructible learners glider
Pylon Racer - converting a classic for the slope
DLG v3 - a low-end mouldie

Slopemaster Build - my first balsa build
Slope Soaring - my journey learning to slope
Spit-roasted FB - an FT spitfire group build (slightly modified)
DLG - homage to 'flyboa' - it is hard to do any better with DLG's than flyboa has achieved
Slope Soaring - homage to 'thenated0g' - old school Ridge Rat with a new school twist
Hybrid FB Pheonix Bixler - Bixler3 spare parts wing with some FB and
FTFC 2020 KK invader - the design is there but I am yet to build it
my Tx's (incl) Jumper T16 - JR X-378, FS i6s, Jumper T16
Tiny Trainer Derivatives - learning to fly with some TT inspired ships
Foam wing DLG electric - it is built but I am too scared to fly it
Xanders first flights - my young son


nube - getting started with FB planes
electric DLG pt1 - getting ambitious with FB+ planes


my pitiful youtube - always trying to get videos up when I have time
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