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  1. Grifflyer

    Plane Mighty Mini P-51B Mustang 1.0

    If you're anything like me then you'll like the looks of planes better when they have a razorback. While I like the look of the bubble canopy on the P-51, I prefer the looks of the P-51B which has a razorback style canopy. I reconstructed the fuselage of the FT Mini Mustang so that it looks...
  2. Dreamy_Bongo

    VQ P-51B (No Flaps) Tuskegee Airmen [Electric]

    I was gifted this by a family member who is big into the hobby. I have only flown foamies. He is really excited for me to do a balsa plane. Parts: E-Flite Electric retracts Tacon 46 brushless Hitec HS-322HD Deluxe What I need: Prop Nose Cone Arming Switch ESC Battery Plane: Cutting away for...