1. R

    P-38 Speed Build

    I didnt know where to post this but i would love a p 38 speed build/swap able please add to this so ft recognizes it
  2. joker24458

    Scale Build Off - Scratchbuilt 96" P-38 Lightning

    Here is the documentation of my approximately 14-month build of the P-38 Lightning. There were some embarrassingly long breaks and dry spells in between the building, as it was difficult at times to stay motivated to build when I just wanted to grab the transmitter and fly, or relax or do...
  3. jh1985

    swappable p38 lightning

    i found a few swappable p38s in the plans section. I think it would make an awesome addition to the line. Or i would at least like to see you guys build it or just review it. Not enough twin engine planes. What do you guys think? any one else wanna see one of these on the show. Here are the...