packing tape

  1. Starfleet42

    What tape to use on the brown waterproof foamboard?

    I am adding tape to reinforce a wing, and tested some Up&Up (Target brand) packing tape on the brown surface of the board, and it did NOT want to stick to it. Granted, it's not great packing tape to begin with, but is there a recommended brand or type of packing tape that reliably sticks well?
  2. FoamyDM

    Stripes - What's your method?

    How do you add thin to med-width stripes on your build models? Marker Vinyl Cut Packing Tape Printed decal with Super77 Spray Paint - Masked Other The reason for my request: I have a few of my builds I want to add stripes to. Some fat. Some thin. As you may see in my profile/posts, I...
  3. R

    Fun with colour packing tape FT3D

    Thanks for the great plans and inspiration.