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Stripes - What's your method?


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How do you add thin to med-width stripes on your build models?

  • Marker
  • Vinyl
  • Cut Packing Tape
  • Printed decal with Super77
  • Spray Paint - Masked
  • Other

The reason for my request: I have a few of my builds I want to add stripes to. Some fat. Some thin. As you may see in my profile/posts, I subscribe to the packing tape method of color/coating my planes, where reasonable. Packing tape is wide and I'm wondering how others tackle this simple detail in their builds.

What's your method? Thanks!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Colored tape is an easy way to do it. You can get wide duct tape in many colors. You could also go to any automotive parts store and pick up pin striping in various widths and colors as well. I have not done much with foam board but any thing I have ever painted model wise has gotten the tape and mask method for any designs. I also did those soak in water and apply decals to a lot of my models. You can get those online or any hobby store.


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I use colored packing tape as I always have problems masking the foam. I use painters blue tape on my cutting mat and the lay the colored tape on top. Measure and cut any width and just peel up and apply. Nothing fancy but here is an example.

What I do, is I put a coat of paint right where I want the stripe (lets say near the end of the wing). When it has dried I put a piece of tape where I want the stripe, and then spray on the regular coat. After I remove the tape I have a nice stripe.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
These are amazing. I never would thought of pinstripes in an automotive store. It's a, "geez, I could've thought of that, it makes so much sense. The tapenon tape cutting method is going to be tried. And paint on masked paint is how FT painted the FT Spear.

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