park jet

  1. Vimana89

    Plane V Sliver RET Slender Delta Plans 1.0

    Design by: @Vimana89, Plans by: @Grifflyer Backup Link to Resource: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  2. F

    FT 22 mods to fix cg and slow speed flying

    When I first built this plane I was so excited because I love flitetest and I like park jets. I was stoked to fly and build a flitetest park jet. As per per all the other flitetest planes it when together perfectly and looks awesome. but then I started to try to get the cg where it was marked...
  3. T

    FA/18f Super Hornet built up profile with plans

    This a design based around the dimensions of a F-22 that Ive already built and flown. 29 1/2" wingspan 40" long. I've flown the f-22 with 70g from the "beef" powerpack from lazertoys all the way down to a 3000kv 24g from strong rc. This one can be setup as elevons only, ailerons and elevator...