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FA/18f Super Hornet built up profile with plans

This a design based around the dimensions of a F-22 that Ive already built and flown. 29 1/2" wingspan 40" long.
I've flown the f-22 with 70g from the "beef" powerpack from lazertoys all the way down to a 3000kv 24g from strong rc. This one can be setup as elevons only, ailerons and elevator (yank and bank), ailerons elevator rudders, or lastly same as above but linkng the ailerons to the elevons for crazy rollrate. Don't cut out the prop slot until you decide on the prop diameter the one shown is the max at 10in prop for the 70g, but I ran a 6x4 on the 24g.

3dview 1.jpg 3dview 2.jpg bottom.jpg side.jpg View attachment sheet1.pdf View attachment sheet2.pdf View attachment sheet3.pdf