1. PilotSam

    FliteTest should give a shout out to peters new channel

    Hey everyone! Flite test should give a shout out to peters new channel: He has done sooo much for flite test. With all of the awesome projects that he has done, like the circle plane, star destroyer, helicarrier, guinea pig, etc., he is...
  2. J

    What Happened to the VTOL's?

    So I'm watching older episodes and noticed that in several of them, the FT gang talk about making Peter's VTOL parts and plans available in the FT store. Now that the Bronco has been out for awhile, I'm wondering if kit VTOL's are in the future? Or will we need to tinker our own?
  3. J

    FT Bronco

    I was just looking at the Flite Test store and i saw this: it looksa bit like the Chimera VTOL Peter made. if there is already a thread on this i apologise (i couldnt see one) Will
  4. T

    X-19 Humming Bird, Where did it go?

    I was surfing through flite test videos and came across one of the first videos with Peter where he showed the X-19 Hummingbird flying (link below). I was wondering if you guys could show how that piece of beauty was put together. Better yet if you guys make it a build video and/or speed-build...
  5. M


    The 2nd annual NEF (5th since we moved from Geneva) Indoor fun-fly at the HUGE Univ. of Akron Stile Athletic facility. Its great for typical indoor RC models of all types. We suggest a maximum flying weight of 16oz . Please see our website for details & preregistration. LOTS of pictures &...