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Marc Stermer

Foaming at the Mouth!
The 2nd annual NEF (5th since we moved from Geneva)

Indoor fun-fly at the HUGE Univ. of Akron Stile Athletic facility. Its great for typical indoor RC models of all types. We suggest a maximum flying weight of 16oz .

Please see our website for details & preregistration
. LOTS of pictures & separate information threads on RCGroups. Check our Facebook page - Ohioelectricfly. This is a 3-day AMA-sanctioned event, AMA membership is required for pilots we'll have pilot prizes and some fun contests. $15 day, $25 weekend pass. Spectators $5, kids under 12 are FREE!! Very large main flying area! Separate areas for 3D & Helis & F3P contest area. Special Hotel Rate. Special guest perfomer: Andrew Ritschel. Our buddy Peter Sripol :cool: will be there along with the FliteTest gang! Several hobby vendors including LAZERTOYZ!

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NEF is this Friday! WOOOT!!!!! If you haven't already, head over to the event website and check out the layout page. We will all need to use our friend skills :eek: and share table space.

Check out the table top plane stand I built and posted on the RCGroups thread. It is a copy of a friend's and will help to save space.

Also please be aware of when we can enter on Friday. Check out the threads over on RCG and the facebook page for info. Marc is jumping like crazy to prep for the event and those RCG threads are how he is sharing information.


Just someone else.
I am planing on being there! Got time off from work (which ruined my earlier attempt to get there) and got to the LHS to get some parts to repair one of my planes today! I will be there Saturday for sure, Not sure about sunday yet.

Like I said, I wanted to get there once before NEFF, but couldn't make it. Could you (or anyone) tell me what to expect by compairing it to the Horizon event in columbus? I would assume that the GWS slow stick is to big for here, also places to charge (will come with everything I have charged already) and just the general atmosphere. Or, what else do I need to know before I get there on Saturday?
Let's see some more pics!! What a great time! Team Monkey you are the man. Thanks for everything. We had a blast. Joker, I saw you at the pilots meeting on Saturday but didn't bump into you again. Oh well, there's always FF15!

I'll have to upload some pics at home.


Just someone else.
I don't know how many flights I got in, but it was alot. Played Musical airpllanes on saturday and sunday, but avoided the combat on saturday because i didn't want to destroy my FT Scout yet....so I did on sunday!

But what are these odds...At horizon, me and a guy from Michigan came together with his little edf batwing and my Bloody Wonder night flyer...no feelings were hurt then, some glue and things were back in the air. This weekend, we did it again..same planes, same results. I couldn't believe it.

Best plane there? I would say the BF109.

I just wish we could get something like this going here in the west side of the state.
It was an awesome time getting to meet and talk to everyone there. The BF109 outflew my expectations, and I actually couldn't keep up with Marc Stermer's B-17 (I don't think they had that problem in real life :D).

Can't wait for FF15 and next year's NEF. I wonder what I'll be bringing next time......:)
Sorry, folks. I'm behind on posting the few pictures I did happen to take. Mostly my pics were of the pilot tables to give folks a sense for what it was like there.

As mentioned, the flying was nonstop. I flew like crazy, until 10:00PM Friday and from 8:45AM to 9:00PM Saturday. I flew a little on Sunday but mostly I chilled out chatting with visitors and building an FT 3D which I maidened there. Just doing what I love (building) surrounded by good friends flying was a great time too. :D

There were so many great models, of course the ME-109 and Marc's B-17 were feats of engineering but there were others too. Pete had a cartoon scale micro SR-71 using twin little GWS motors and his micro edf batwing is neat too. Monster Foamies had several amazing models of civilian craft and each one flew beautifully. There were tons of private folks that brought out neat scratch builds but I was so busy flying I didn't get my camera out much. I did try the EDF Klingon ship but it is faster than the old one and I couldn't keep it in the pattern. That earned me a very stern look from the MC/safety officer Bernie.:black_eyed: Maybe I'll have it tamed down by next year. My thrust vectoring Viggen was a hoot and I'll be happy to see if anyone got video of that looping.

The FT crew was on site for the weekend. They had kits for sale but also spent just as much time just talking to folks. Peter rolled the Helicarrier Saturday afternoon which was awesome! He tried later Saturday night and I think he broke the back right arm but I'm not sure. There were quite a few of the new Tiny Trainer planes at NEF. The polyhedral wings looked very stable and I saw one person had made a straight wing, dual aileron little speed ship out of one.

It was an excellent event with good vendors, a good flow of events and free time, available food and enough pilots to make it a party without there being so many that it was hard to find a pilot station.

At least I'm behind posting pics for a good reason. ;) I was building like mad Sunday night and nightly since NEF to get ready for my next event out in Iowa in the beginning of June. Being a die hard RC event guy is rough, just wish I could get paid for all this fun. LOL :p