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    How to tune your quad | PID's explained VLOG

    In this VLOG i am talking about PID's and how you should tune your quad! Hope it will help some people!
  2. Y

    APM 2.8 destabilizes on descent. PID help?

    I have an F450 frame with an APM 2.8. It flies well, but especially in autonomous flight, it gets a growing oscillation on descent that builds until the quad is tipping 90 degrees in either direction and it falls out of the sky! I'm trying to adjust the PIDs to fix the problem, but am having a...
  3. M

    Hi all - attempting to tune my quad

    It may just be my level of skill, but my quads seem to fly like sluggish bricks. I have a vortex which flies beautifully; however, my EMAX 200 (spf3, little bee 20A opto, 2206 EMAX motors), never feels locked in, no matter how much I tune it. It has a residual jitter after turns. I'm using...
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    450 quad, Naze32, Mode 2 (LuxFloat), OneShot, PIDs, and any feedback

    Hello all, I'm tuning my new 450 DYI setup today... here is what I have so far: 1) It is a 450 frame 2) 22-16 800Kv motors 3) 10x4.5 SF props 4) Afro 20A ESC configured with BlHelli 5) Nanze32 Full board 6) OSDoge 7) OrangeRX 433Mhz (yup, I have my HAM license) Here are my current PID...