1. SP0NZ

    Part FT Pietenpol Model A Engine 1.0

    FT Mighty Mini Pietenpol Model A Engine STL Files Designed By: Dan Sponholz This model is designed to be a 3D printed accessory for the FT Mini Pietenpol RC foam board airplane designed by Josh Bixler of Flite Test. Josh designed a Model A engine for the Pietenpol using Flite Test foam...
  2. A

    How to get started with a Pietenpol?

    So i have just looked into getting a Pietenpol kit. On the website it states that Where could i find this and how much of each thing am i going to need.
  3. agentkbl

    Bixler's Pietenpol

    Who thinks it would be awesome if Flite Test made a Pietenpol based of Josh's out of balsa, and even more importantly, made it available on the store? I think it would give more publicity to the balsa/dark side of R/C flight (or should I say flite) and it would be cool for Bixler.
  4. Z

    Videos on Josh Bixler's full scale Pietenpol?

    I would love to see some update videos (or something similar) for Josh Bixler's full scale Pietenpol air camper! I'm quite interested in full scale aviation and would love to see what's happening. :D