How to get started with a Pietenpol?


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So i have just looked into getting a Pietenpol kit. On the website it states that
All additional building material including glue, hardware, engine, and covering are the responsibility of the builder to procure.
Where could i find this and how much of each thing am i going to need.


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Did you buy any additional supplies with the kit? Like the wheels or the receiver, or just the frame?

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There are a number of aircraft building "best practices" regarding covering, glues, etc. The Piet. plans should have some of this information, but your best bet will be to talk with as many builders and building instructors as you can. The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has instructors and classes available in some places and tech councilors are available. They will be able to point you in a better direction than most RC guys. If you're on Facebook, there's a Pietenpol group there.


Your best source of info is most likely going to be the company selling the kit. They should be able to tell you exactly what you will need in addition to the kit. A lot of this will depend on the engine you select, I suspect. There is also a Peitenpole forum:

More info:

There are a handful of forums that might be helpful. I searched "Peitenpole builders forum" and got hits.

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Austinthemighty - I've been debating doing this. Won't be anytime soon. Would be interested to get updates on your progress as you go.


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Join an EAA chapter near you. I cannot stress enough just how much this will help if you're building an airplane. Lot's of folks tend to lend hands and there's usually a technical adviser in the chapter that can answer questions in detail. + you get the support of the EAA behind you which is awesome.


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so i have looked at the EAA website and there is a few around me but it takes 45minutes to an hour to get there, also does anyone know of any places to get the covering, and the electronics.


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Find "AC 43.13" online, you can download it from the FAA website. It is really helpful info on building Technics


X 2 on joining EAA! The Piet is a very basic traditional airframe. There are sooooo many resources available through EAA for a new builder. But if you are looking for a supply house for all things full size can start at ,they can be a bit spendy, but it is one stop shopping. Also check out , that is pretty much "the biggest classifieds" in general aviation, looks of used and new parts for sale there.
In case you are wondering, I have a full scale Piet project going as well. It's kinda stalled at the moment, but I have everything to build the wings, and all of 4 wing ribs built at this time. I went with the more modern airfoil, opposed to Bernie's #2 pencil airfoil. Planning on powering mine with the 7 cylinder Rotec Radial, like Dick Navratil did (RIP Dick)
Good luck in your endeavor! The Piet is an icon of aviation history.