Plane EZ Guinea Pig v1.2

    EZ Guinea Pig! Coming Soon: Images Build Thread SKINS?
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    Guinea Pig, addicted to FT planes :)

    New guy here. Been out of the hobby for a while. Purchased a Eflite mini-apprentice for the kids last Christmas, now we are building FT plans...like crazy Just needs to electronics (I am taking the SAFE system out of the apprentice and using dx6) installed. Mods: 1. Cargo door is not...
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    Will I burn out dual Powerpack C with Lumenier 2250mAh 4s 35c Lipo???

    I am building a FT Guinea Pig with dual Powerpack C. I am running a XT60 Power Y-harness to both ESC's/motors. I want to use my Lumenier 2250mAh 4s 35c Lipo for a little bit more flight time and power. Will I ruin my escs or motors? I greatly appreciate any input. Thank you all!!! Eddie
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    NTM 2830 1200kv for Bloody Baron and Guinea Pig? Are those right? And which props?

    Hey everyone, I have asked questions like this before, but I am still not quite certain about what I should get. I want a hobbyking motor for my Bloody Baron that I will be able to use on the Guinea Pig (together with a second one) later on. The NTM 28-26A 1200kv seems to be just a little...
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    NTM 28-26A motors for Guinea Pig?

    Hey everyone, In a month or so, I am going to build the Bloody Baron. I will use the NTM 28-26A 1200kv motor for that. It would be nice if I could just buy another one (and another ESC) to power the Guinea Pig that I would really like to build this winter. However, I am kind of having trouble...
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    Guinea Pig -500 Series

    Finished Guinea Pig but I added more candy bombing space per my kids request so the -500 series. I added 5 inches of cabin to allow a little more cargo capacity for other experiments. I also rigged the door to open and close and will add that to the pictures later. No gear saves weight and I...
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    FT Guinea Pig

    I don't have the time to build the plane but I'm in loveeeee with it. Will anyone be willing to build one for me? If so, give me a price and I'll give you my number.