NTM 28-26A motors for Guinea Pig?


Hey everyone,

In a month or so, I am going to build the Bloody Baron. I will use the NTM 28-26A 1200kv motor for that. It would be nice if I could just buy another one (and another ESC) to power the Guinea Pig that I would really like to build this winter. However, I am kind of having trouble finding what electronics are good for the Guinea Pig (don't want to buy Power Packs, I live in EU). The recommended electronics for the cruiser are two NTM 28-26A 1200kv motors, so they would be good for the Guinea Pig right? I mean, the cruiser is faster, but the Guinea Pig is more massive.

Any help is much appreciated!

link to the NTM motor:


Flite is good
If you already have that motor, stay with an 8x6 on 3S and definitely not more than 8x4 on 4S. I have run those motors on 4S with 8x6 and they will do it, for a while.

If you are still going to order the motor, then look at the 28-26 or 28-30 in the 1100kv. You will get much better performance.

On the 28-26 1100kv, you can run a 9x6 on4S, but that is the top end of the specs and it will eventually "get tired". That motor will spin an 8X6 all day and give great performance.

The 28-30 seems to be the preferred motor of the Bloody Barons creator. I have not used it yet. It will be in my next order. Since the 28-26 1100kv (which I have used extensively) performed so well, I believe the 28-30 will handle that 9X6 on 4S a little more reliably. The 28-30 on 3S with a 9x6 is also very close to the "C" power pack from FT (performance wise).

If you get the 1100kv 28-30, you can always prop down to a 3S and 8x4 till you get a handle on that bird. Then increase prop and cell count as you feel comfortable. Then when you build the Guinea, two of those with 9X6 on 3S should perform very well.


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Thanks a lot guys!

Think I will get the 26-30 1100kv then. More power is never a problem ;)

I have the 28-30 1200kv on my Bloody Baron. A 9x6 on 3s works, but a 9x4.7 Slow Fly works better - I prefer the extra torque to top end. For a Cargo Plane I'd recommend torque as well. Grab some slow fly props to try out when you order the motor.