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  1. K

    Shoe Box Fit

    I have only returned to this hobby for the last 2 years (childhood dream :-P ) and my only problem is I live in the city now. When i was a kid in the country it was easy to find fields of land, and you could go as big as you wanted. I don't have that anymore so I am craving a small stable...
  2. Andre

    SC DVR Portable Recorder for FPV

    Picked this one up from DX.com SC-DVR 1-CH 5-Mode Recording Mini DVR w/ Remote Controller (PAL / NTSC) For under $40 USD I now can record the feed from my FPV goggles. The nice thing about the SC model is it using a SD card and will accept 5V power. I happen to have a ESC that was not...