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power packs

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    Power Packs ?

    I am waiting to order a few planes but the power packs are not available, can we have an idea when they could be available. I just love the kit system and can't wait to start putting them together. great product and instructional shows, all the best to you Guys Allan
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    Power Pack suggestion

    Hi Flite Test, I think that for your Power Packs, it would be really nice if you could sell the individual parts from the power packs in addition to selling the complete power pack. For example, if I already have an esc and servos and all I need is a motor, I would like the option of being able...
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    Store Power Packs

    Went looking at the new Power Packs and looked at the Mini Guinea. The airplane is $25, the A pack for twin engine is $78 yet you are only charging $80 for the combined plane and power pack. You have priced the single engine A pack, not the double engine A pack. While I would love to get that...
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    Power Packs

    A small thread about the Power Packs. Q&A Help and discussions surrounding the packs. I will go first, What KV are the motors, and what size prop do each pack include? //Dews - Can't wait to spend all my moneys :)
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    FT Power Packs

    Does anyone know when the FT Power Packs will be coming out? Thanks!