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Pumpkin drop event

Power Packs

A small thread about the Power Packs.

Help and discussions surrounding the packs.

I will go first, What KV are the motors, and what size prop do each pack include?

//Dews - Can't wait to spend all my moneys :)


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
They haven't released any detailed info yet beyond the store, but from the store, the large fixed wing uses a GT2215/09, which is a 1180KV motor, and the mini pack uses a MT1806 2280KV motor. No info yet for either of the multirotor packs or the small fixed wing (shouldn't that be medium?!?).

The props aren't listed, but they should be an appropriate size.

I got my answer on facebook, and the store is updated with prop size now.

Yeah, I assumed they would be appropriate, but I wanted to know if I had the same size at home or needed to get some more. I go through a lot of props ;)