1. ark

    FT Swappable PowerPod single legal sheet

    Today I learned I could load FliteTest plans into Inkscape and edit them. I took the regular power pod plans and rearranged them to fit on a single piece of legal paper (8.5" x 14"). I also changed one of the 50% cut lines to be a blue note line because I prefer to use a 45 degree bevel cutter...
  2. KingWookie

    Anyone here not like the powerpod design?

    Hi Everyone, Right now I'm working on building an FT Scout from the speed build kit. I was really impressed with the kit overall but one thing I don't like about the FT designs are the powerpods. I can never seem to get them to be mounted stably. When I put my PP in the plane with the bbq...
  3. E

    So this Happened Yesterday - Mid Flite Nose Blender

    Memorial Day, free afternoon, beautiful weather, and a box full of charged batteries. This is going to be great! I pull into a vertical and make it about two hundred feet up, and I hear a WHOMP! One of my wheels on my landing gear goes flying off, and my motor and prop appear to be dangling...
  4. E

    FT Firewalls and Larger Motor Mounts

    Got a new NTM 35-36 motor and the X-mount for it. Of course it's a little big for the standard FT firewall. Three mounting bolts can be squeezed onto it, but not four. Here are my ideas: 1: Make a slightly bigger firewall/powerpod 2: Put three bolts in it and use some gorilla glue...
  5. D

    Power system guide for the POWER POD to be used on the swapable series.

    Hi guys. I'm extremely new to rc and have little to no knowledge about the electronics, but im in the process of bulding my first scratch build plane the Old Fogey.I want to build most of them and love the swappable idea. I love the slow gentle flyer idea and would probably pursue that route. I...
  6. C

    Wanted: 1 Powerpod & Firewall

    Hey guys, I would like a power pod with the firewall, just one, so if any of you have an extra power pod after buying a few kits, just reply to this thread. Will pay shipping. Thank you very much! ~Sean
  7. T

    FT Simple Soarer Mod "E" style

    I'm sure more than a few of us have opted to use the swappable pod for the SS so we can motor up and glide the day away! I found one thing that got to me- to have correct CG I had to cram an 1500mAh battery in the front. The issue is that then the plane ended up weighing more than it had to...
  8. W

    Swappabled overheating

    Swappable overheating I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with heat in the swappable power pods... I've ran into several instances recently on the FT3D puffing batteries, ect. I've done a simple fix by adding an "air intake" on the side of the fuse through the pod and that seems...