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FT Firewalls and Larger Motor Mounts

Got a new NTM 35-36 motor and the X-mount for it. Of course it's a little big for the standard FT firewall. Three mounting bolts can be squeezed onto it, but not four. Here are my ideas:

1: Make a slightly bigger firewall/powerpod
2: Put three bolts in it and use some gorilla glue.

Anyone else tread down this path? If so, please share your solution.


ft firewall.JPG
To avoid any confusion, here is a photo of the actual mount and firewall. Any reservations to using 3 bolts and some glue to hold the motor on?
So not sure it's right but what I do and did is drill the hole for the motor and just bolt the motor right to the firewall, sure they thread in from the back side but it does work.
Thanks for the reply. It might not be a bad idea to mount it directly to the firewall. I compromised myself. If looking at the front of the firewall, I shifted the mount down just enough to get all four screws in while the mount is in the x-orientation. It was a slight compromise, but it seems to have not adversely impacted the flight of a new plane I can't wait to share with the FT community...hint hint