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printed plans

  1. R

    Ft guinea pig plans

    Does anyone know what size the full size plans on the guinea pig is. I really don’t want to print off 60+ pages then glue them onto poster board. If possible I would love to cut out the middleman on this one and just have staples print it on poster board for me for a few extra bucks. Thanks in...
  2. S

    Tiled Plans not lining up

    Hi everyone Bought myself some foam today for my first build. Downloaded and printed the FT Flyer tiled plans but i cannot get all the parts to line up. Anybody else had this issue? anybody have a solution?
  3. B

    May provide a little help to the ones that print plans!

    So i started in the scratch building and that is where I am comfortable at the moment because its affordable, and just all out fun. I use the Dollar Tree foam board and print plans from many sites on the internet but most of them have been from Flitetest. I enjoy sitting in the floor for hours...