prop adapter

  1. GeoffS

    Hobbyzone/E-Flite Champ S+ Propeller Adapter Wrench

    The Hobbyzone® Champ S+ is a great little plane, but the propeller-adapter is a well-known weak point. Removing and installing the adapter can be difficult because it is difficult to get a grip on the motor (recessed in the cowl). This wrench is designed to slip in behind the propeller spinner...
  2. H

    Prop adapter causes the motor shaft break on every crash

    Hi, I made my first plane, (FT simple Storch) Of course I crashed and my engine shaft broke (surprised :confused: ). I changed the motor and it happened again. The new shaft was a bit too long. I am using a prop adapter and it seems that the break point is always right before the prop adaptor...
  3. N

    Single to "T-Motor" style props

    Hello all and happy Friday! Engineering question; I have these motors They are great but they have a built in single hole prop mount and when using bigger props (> 12...