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  1. C

    Puffed Lipo?

    Hey, does anyone here know if the battery on the left is swollen/puffed? When I press it it goes down a little. I've seen more extreme examples of swollen lipos but wasn't sure if this was swollen.
  2. orange_rc_pilot


    Ok so I just pulled out my toolbox and knocked over an old unused lipo without a connector on it. The wires shorted instantly and I heard it fizzing violently and went to about 3x its size in like 15 seconds. I sprinted to the balcony and put it there in the likely event that it spontaneously...
  3. Snarls

    Recycling Two Bad 3s Lipos

    I have two 3s 2200mAh lipos that have ended their life early. One has a cell that is puffed and appears non existent, and the other has a cell that discharged itself to 0v without use. The other two cells in each battery appear to be fine and stable. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to...
  4. ofiesens2

    Puffed battery

    I recently found that I had puffed the 3 cell battery from my stock Super Cub LP. Are there any specific disposal methods that I should take to avoid a house fire or some other dangerous event? Also, I plan on getting some new 3s 1300mAh batteries from hobbyking, but I believe those come with a...