pylon racing

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    Electric Motor For Pusher Racing Plane Weighing 1.4-1.6kg

    Hi, I am building a pusher electric racing plane that weighs around 1.4kg to 1.6kg, I've been learning about brushless motor for some time now and what I understood is that more RPM will give you more speed. I've been looking for Pylon Race Motors but they are mostly for 1kg or below, can anyone...
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    Pylon racing with extras.

    Challengenge: 1. Set up a pylon racing course of a reasonable size (more than two pylons.) 2. Measure out about 5-6 feet of streamer. 3. Cut the streamer down the middle (so its half as wide.) 4. Attach one half streamer to the back of any ultra micro of your choosing. 5. Attach the other half...