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    QAV 180 What Motors?

    Im planning on building a 4S QAV 180 and was wondering what Motors would make it a very fast quad? I have built a 250 before but I'm not an expert on the motor sizes. Thanks, Tom.
  2. N

    Custom FPV Antenna holder

    So I have been using the Red fatshark 5,8GHz cloverleaf antenna's and they used to stick out the back of the QAV250 and simply bent up, however I have already broken the antenna mounts of 3 video transmitters. Next was purchasing the right angle adapters for the antennas and then feeding it...
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    [Build Log] QAV250 CF edition

    Hello everyone, I have long marvelled and wished for my very own mini-quad since I am normally into the much larger aerial photography platforms. Since I am the only RC flyer I know here in Switzerland I sent an email to some of my friends with links to some of the best FPV videos (charpu...