racer 250

  1. Andrea

    Which color should i choose for my next 3d printed drone?

    Hi, everyone, it has been two day that I am working on a 3d printable drone, and that's what comes out. I don't know which color fits best my project so i would like to ask to you! I have attached the renders that i made , there are 6 colors, but i also accept new ones! Byeeee
  2. N

    Advice for a new FPV Quadcopter User

    A little intro; I am in the UK and looking to get into using a FPV Quadcopter, I have just today received a Eachine 250 Racer with controller and screen from Singapore. Backstory: So my first Quad was a small Hubsan X4 H107C which I have been flying for many months now and I would say I'm quite...