radian pro

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    Learning to Fly can be frustrating

    I tried a different approach to Slope Soaring (with some engine assist) and changed my launch position on the hill I fly on. The idea was to keep the plane to the north of me, away from the 'top' of the hill. Unfortunately there be houses over there. The Radian Pro got away from me and tried...
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    DX7s and Radian Pro - Crow, Camber and Reflex - How do I set up the Radio?

    Help! I'm lost in that place where you set up mixing, but nothing seems to happen when you throw switches and move sticks. I was impressed with this thread: DX7s-and-flaps-for-the-Bixler-2 in particular Crafty Dan's post re: powered glider, But see my first sentence. I followed his set...
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    Radian Pro or Bixler or Flyzone Calypso or other?

    Hi guys! I'm looking to get a new plane, I've had/got 2 FT old speedsters and 2 FT Mustangs which have been awesome apart from my lack of skill with the mustang, have been awesome. I've also had some stick time on my friends Bixler 2, not much though. I'm kind of looking to get into the powered...
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    Slope Soaring with motorless Radian Pro Glider

    My first RC motorglider was a ParkZone Radian Pro. During the early months of my RC flying experience it suffered some severe damage to one of the wings and the fuselage after the earth jumped up and hit it a couple of times. I purchased some spare wings and a fuselage but ended up just...
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    radian pro gliding

    this is me and my radian pro out for a scenic fly yesterday. met some great people and had lots of fun. hope you guys enjoy. and as i am new to the filming side of things please give feedback?! 100 % shot with the Drift HD Ghost